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Yoga is one of my greatest passions!  I believe practicing yoga can transform the body and the mind, and help reconnect us with our spiritual nature.  I have been very fortunate to have studied with many inspiring and knowledgeable teachers, including Pamela Ryan, Melora Gregory, Patricia Walden, Todd Norian, Christie Brock, and many others. I have been studying yoga since 1998, and will continue as a student for life!

My enthusiasm for yoga has led to a desire to share it with others, including teens.  I have taught teen yoga at Portland Yoga Studio, Cheryl Greeley's Theatra-Dance, Inc, Long Creek Youth Development Center, Breakwater School, and Deering High School.  Many teens respond well to yoga, enjoying the new physical challenge and sense of connection, and relishing the rare chance to relax in their high-pressure, fast-paced lives! I am honored each time I get to share this experience with them!

My yoga training, coupled with my Physical Therapy background, allows me to assist people with injuries in starting a transformative yoga practice.  With proper alignment and guidance from a trained eye, anyone can practice yoga! You just start where you are, and progress mindfully as you are able.


I taught Hip Hop Dance for 17 years at Cheryl Greeley's Theatra-Dance, Inc in South Portland.  My philosophy in sharing dance with others is that anyone can dance!  Dancing is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun!


I draw from my experiences as a Physical Therapy Assistant and dance & yoga studies to aid clients in postural education and reprogramming old, unhealthy movement patterns.  Tensions are stored in the body, and contribute to movement patterns that prevent us from feeling our best.  By learning to move differently, we can release old tensions, and feel better physically and emotionally!

If you are interested in movement as therapy, we can work a bit at the end of a massage session, or you can schedule a movement session for more focused work.  Movement sessions will include postural education, yoga, and possibly dance. These sessions can be private, or small groups (2-3 people).

30 minutes $35
60 minutes $60

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